Visitor Information

Any visitor with legitimate business on school grounds must sign in at the Welcome Desk and receive a visitor's badge.  

To ensure the safety and confidentiality of students, Gwinnett County limits classroom visitors to:

During School Hours

  • Parents/guardians of current students
  • Other family members of current students who are approved by the student's parent/guardian;
  • Those persons invited by the Gwinnett County Public Schools for official business.

The principal or designee may, at her/his discretion, grant or deny permission for classroom visits and determine the duration of time.  Students should not bring student visitors to school.  Parents and visitors should make an appointment to see a teacher, the principal, the counselors, or to visit their child's classes.

After School Hours

  • No students or unauthorized visitors may remain on the school campus after regular school hours without supervision.

School Authority

  • School personnel have the authority to warn persons trespassing to leave the facilities or properties.  Person who refuse are subject to prosecution under the laws of the State of Georgia.