Contact Information
Jeff Barfield- 770-232-3291
Harriet Staley:  678-473-6279
Robin Rider:  678-473-6279

Duluth Middle School Instructional Technology

Innovative instructional technology and media programs at Duluth Middle School include:

  • computer science labs
  • a technology education lab
  • a Write-to-Learn lab
  • 3 computer labs
  • mobile labs - each containing 8 wireless laptops
  • Teacher laptops
  • Workstations in classrooms
  • Projector and sound system in each classroom
  • The latest in interactive classroom technology including SmartBoards, Mimios, Sympodiums, and Student Response Systems.

The fully automated media center has an online catalog and a myriad of electronic resources (see Curriculum - Media Center on the menu), as well as a new, state-of-the-art video production lab where Duluth's News is broadcast live by students each morning.

The school is wireless with internet access throughout the building, ensuring that teachers and students have access to a variety of instructional and research resources.

Policies and Procedures

All students are expected to read and abide by the policies set forth in our Acceptable Use Policy.  

Saving Work

Each student is encouraged to bring a flash drive with them daily, in order to transport work to and from school.  Gwinnett County Schools uses Microsoft Office 2010.  Older version work may be opened.  Students may save work in a compability (2003-2007) format.