A Vital Part of the Student Achievement Team

The mission of GCPS school counselors is to assist in removing barriers to students' academic achievements and to promote a safe and secure environment by providing developmentally appropriate counseling services based on best practices.

Overview of the DMS Guidance & Counseling Program

Duluth Middle School counselors provide guidance through individual counseling/planning, small group counseling, large and small group guidance, classroom guidance, and parent and teacher consultation.  Additionally, the counselors coordinate school-wide programs designed to enhance student success and encourage family involvement in the learning process.


Ms. Nicole Colbert (770) 232-3300 – 6th Grade and 7th Grade - Email Ms. Colbert
Ms. Angela Jenkins (770) 232-3316 - 7th Grade and 8th Grade - Email Ms. Jenkins


  • When your student is having difficulty achieving academically.
  • When family changes interfere with academic progress.
  • When you want to become more involved in your student's educational and career choices.
  • When you need help to interpret tests and school records and track school progress.
  • When you want to discover available community resources and agencies for your student or your family.

Tips for Students

Middle school is a special place that gives students new opportunities and more independence. Students feel excited, sad and nervous. Classes are different, rules are new, schedules are busier, and students have their own lockers. Here are some tips for success in middle school.

  • Organization- getting organized is an important key to success.
  • Use agenda books to write down assignments each day. Keep your locker and back pack cleaned out.
  • Homework- schedule time for homework, break big projects into small steps, and prepare the night before.
  • Talk to your teachers- ask questions if you are unsure of your assignment, if you do not understand something, or if you need help.
  • Get good grades- Turn your homework in on time and always do your best work
  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities- find things that you enjoy like sports, clubs, and community activities. This is a great way to meet to new people and to have fun.
  • Stay healthy- get plenty of rest at night and eat a good breakfast.
  • Communication- talk with your parent/guardian regularly about what is going on with you at school.
  • Friends- choose your friends wisely and always surround yourself with positive people.
  • Attendance- be sure that you are here each and every day. If you are not here, you can't learn.

Helpful Websites:

Children with Eating Discorders:  http://eatingdisordersanonymous.org/
Cyberbullying: www.stopcyberbullying.org
ADHD/ADD:    www.Chadd.org
Camps for children with special needs: www.camptwinlakes.org
Free Grief Counseling Service for Students in the Metro Area:   http://katesclub.org