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Computer Science

Performance based classes in which students learn woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments.  They will learn how to play their chosen instrument with a focus on tone quality, basic technique, and articulation.  They will also learn ensemble performance awareness such as balance, blend, and tuning.  Each band will perform a minimum of 2 times per school year.  

Band Director - Josey Jimenez ( Email Me)
Students will be exposed to a variety of technological experiences with the goal of understanding how to apply technology skills to real world experiences.  They will gain experience in using the Microsoft 2007 Office Suite, which will be of benefit to them as they work on school-related tasks and projects. In addition, basic animation, programming, web design, Virtual Stock Market game, and other activities are offered in 7th and 8th.

Karen Carpenter ( Email Me)
Tiffany White ( Email Me)


6A and 6B (Beginning Chorus): A mixed/year long ensemble designed to introduce students to the basics of musical terminology, choral singing, and performance.

7A (Intermediate Chorus): A mixed/year long ensemble for students who wish to continue singing, and will continue the music learning process where the 6th left off. They will also participate in the district Large Group Performance Evaluation in the spring.

8A (Advanced Chorus): A mixed/year long, ensemble for students who wish to continue singing, and will continue the music learning process where the 7th left off. They will also participate in the district Large Group Performance Evaluation in the spring. 

Chorus Director - Melody Hine ( Email Me)

Engineering and Technology


Engineering and Technology Education is an exciting and challenging nine week course that offers students the opportunity to experience some of the specialized designing tools used in industry. Along with developing skills required for tomorrow's workforce, students will also make connections with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Skills necessary in our continuously changing technological world.

Mark Sadowski  ( Email Me)
Students engage in problem solving skills that are critical to building a safe, healthy, and successful future.  When the physical, emotional, mental, and social parts of health are working positively, teens can enjoy a sense of wellness.  They learn to deal with stress, peer pressure, and proper use of refusal skills that help create a positive lifestyle.

Rachel McElroy  ( Email Me)

Math Enrichment



It is NOT just a class to “catch students up,” but to also enrich the students and expand their understanding of content through real-world applications, project based learning, and student discussions.  Our curriculum is truly prescriptive to fit the instructional needs of the students.  Math Enrichment fosters a positive environment to help build up students’ confidence and esteem in mathematics, as well as understand that it is ok to make mistakes as long as they learn from them.  

Kameelah Nelson  ( Email Me)
6th grade Beginning Guitar: A semester-long course that is offered only to students not already involved in band, chorus, or orchestra. The class begins in January with learning the parts of the guitar and the proper playing technique. Standard notation is taught and students learn how to play the notes on the first three strings in unison. From there, students learn to apply their knowledge and play in duets and trios within their ensemble. Students perform only one time during the semester for the spring concert.

7th grade Intermediate Guitar: A year-long course where students continue from where they left off in 6th grade to learn more notes on the guitar, moving on to the fourth, fifth, and sixth strings in standard notation. Students perform twice a year for the winter and spring concerts.

8th grade Advanced Guitar: A year-long course where students learn how to play scales using all the first position notes of the guitar, how to play in different key signatures, how to read tablature (TAB), and how to play multiple chord progressions. Students perform three times a year: winter concert, the Guitar Performance Evaluation (GPE), and spring concert.

Guitar Director - Ashley Drake  ( Email Me)
6th:   Students are taught the basics of string playing:  how to hold their instrument and bow, how to count simple rhythms and how to read music. Students perform twice during the year: Winter and Spring Concerts.

7th:  Students begin to build on what they mastered in 6th grade. They are taught new rhythm, finger and bowing patterns. Students perform three times a year: Winter, Evaluation and Spring Concerts.

8th:   Students learn how to shift (playing notes in different positions) in order to play more advanced music. 8th graders are also introduced to new notes and complex rhythms. Students perform four times a year: Winter, Pre-Evaluation, LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation) and Spring Concerts.

Orchestra Director:  Katherine Garrett ( Email Me)

Physical Education

Students can expect to play sporting games, use the fitness center, engage in fitness testing, and review notes for study purposes.  Students will also learn the rules of the sport and the necessary skills to participate in the game.    

Students are required to change into sportswear every day for PE. You may bring your own black, purple, or gray shorts from home. Students may wear a Gray PE Logo Shirt, Spirit Wear Shirt, or Solid Gray (PE marked on the front of this shirt).

The PE Department will be selling uniforms online or directly through the PE Department every nine weeks.

Payment Procedures
DMS Gray Logo T-Shirt: $8.00                             
DMS Mesh Black Shorts: $12.00
Sizes: Youth: M-L
Adult:  S-M-L-XL-XXL

*If purchasing directly through the PE Department please make checks payable to DMS. Place money/checks in sealed envelope, with your child’s name and homeroom on the envelope. Students must turn the envelope into the PE Department.

Kyle Curle ( Email Me)
Brenna Phillips ( Email Me)


Spanish: A 9wk introduction to the Spanish language and culture.  AKS instruction will include the following topics:  
Appropriate greetings, farewells, and expressions of courtesy, basic vocabulary related to the calendar, numbers, the alphabet, colors and the classroom.  

Cultural aspects include the academic and career benefits of speaking a second  language and an independent study of a Spanish speaking country.

Spanish Level I: A yearlong course in Spanish  language and culture.  The curriculum spans both the 7th & 8th grade years and is the equivalent to Spanish 1 in high school.  AKS instruction will include the following topics: appropriate greetings, farewells and expressions of courtesy, friendship, school, sports and leisure activities, food, family, clothing, vacations, home, health and community.  

Cathy MacLean  ( Email Me)

Reading Enrichment

Theater Arts

Peer Leadership​​

Students enrolled in the reading enrichment program work on improving their comprehension of both fiction and non-fiction selections.  Through a wide variety of activities, intense vocabulary is introduced and practiced, and many concepts taught in the regular language arts classrooms are reinforced.  The ultimate goal is for students to improve all reading-related skills and develop a love for reading.

Kate Mintz  ( Email Me)
The Peer Leaders' are a group of students in grades 6, 7 and 8 that have an interest in helping others. Their role is to promote a positive school climate by encouraging others to accept differences, practice random acts of kindness, offer support and be cooperative and flexible in interactions with others.  Peer Leaders may be asked to take part  as positive members in small social groups through guidance, to give tours and help out new students, and to help out when needed by offering support to others.

Jermaine Shakespeare  ( Email Me)
6th Grade Theatre Arts - Introduction to Theatre

Theatre Arts students in the sixth grade begin exploring scriptwriting, acting, improvisational exercises, and puppetry. Through the practice of using the basic techniques of acting, character, and voice development, students also develop presentation skills.

Theatre Arts is a participation class in which students will be actively involved in the production aspects of organizing, rehearsing, and presenting dramatic work. There will be times when students will work individually as well as in groups. Every child’s contribution to the class is important whether the student plays the role of an actor or as a technician. Therefore, it is necessary for all students to demonstrate respect and work cooperatively in order to achieve AKS goals and a successful production.

7th & 8th Grade Advanced Year Long Theatre Arts (The Wildcat Players)

Requirements for Advanced Theatre Arts:

Students must maintain passing grades in all of their academic classes. Students must display respect and good behavior in all of their classes and at after school events. Students must be involved in at least one after school production and attend the after school rehearsals.
Most rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be a few Saturday rehearsals.

There is a $125 Theatre participation fee for this class. The fee provides each student with a Wildcat Players tee shirt, snacks at every after school rehearsal, a field trip to see a live theatre production, a theatrical make-up kit, dinner before each production, and an invitation to the End of the Year Awards Banquet.

Theater Director:  Cassandra Epps ( Email Me)

Visual Arts


This is a semester course designed to provide students with an opportunity to create art while exploring different cultures and periods of history. We will use different art mediums to explore the elements and principles of design. We will strengthen our creative problem solving skills through a variety of hands on experiences. We will build meaningful relationships with others through visual arts and we will learn how to display artwork within the school and community. 

Dalia Hedi  ( Email Me)

This class is designed to help support learning in the regular academic language arts class. Students are assigned to this class when skill gaps and areas of weakness are identified based on District Assessments, language arts grade, and other measures of reading, writing, and language proficiency. The focus will be on developing a deep understanding of those skills and concepts that are necessary for students to be successful at the next level.  Lessons will be supported with instruction based on building comprehension and writing strategies for the Common Core.  Students will be reading a variety of genres and will work on computer programs such as Moby Max and IXL to build comprehension, vocabulary, and language skills.

Karla Wright  ( Email Me)